The beginning of a new year gives us a unique opportunity to reach out to families.  Gym memberships swell.  Diet books leave the shelves faster than any other month.  It’s a time when people are ready to make some changes in their daily lives.  It’s a perfect time to cast the vision of how the church can partner with parents to build their family in ways they cannot do by themselves. And, it’s a great time to help families practice Faith Skills.

As families practice the four Faith Skills, they’ll grow to know God better. The Faith Skills are:
HEAR: Listen to God’s Word. When we read the Bible, and listen to what God has to tell us through His word, we learn we can trust God no matter what.
PRAY: Dialogue with God. Through prayer we connect with God. We show gratitude, say we’re sorry, and express our feelings to God.
TALK: Articulate your faith. When we talk about our faith, we learn more about God and can tell others about Jesus.
LIVE: Worship with your life. Worshipping God is more than just singing songs. Worship is about living life in a way that honors God.

Church leaders can invest in families and help them practice Faith Skills throughout the year using these tools from Orange, available now.

Have a FX using 252 Basics FX scripts.
252 FX is a shared experience where families, kids and parents, learn together. 252 offers monthly and weekly FX scripts on the curriculum download site, available to all 252 Basics subscribers. These fun events help families start faith conversations that will naturally carry over as they practice Faith Skills at home.

Offer “Know God” Devotion books.
This 28-day devotion book helps kids start the journey of knowing God better through Faith Skills. Older kids can use this devotional journal to develop their individual relationship with God. Families with younger kids will best enjoy this devotional journal together. Bulk pricing available at the Orange Store.

Give kids Skill Bands.
A set of four wristbands that serve as a reminder of each of the Faith Skills as unique ways to know God. Give the complete set or one wristband at a time to encourage each Faith Skill. Bulk pricing available on the Orange Store.

Tell families about Studio 252 and the Parent Cue App.
Both the website and the app provide tools throughout the year to help families know God better. Each month’s content focuses on the life app that 252 Basics is teaching that month.

As we begin the calendar year, lets encourage one another to further develop habits that help us draw closer to a God who loves us.  Let’s commit as church leaders to intentionally invite families to make a plan to take the next step in their faith.