Have you noticed the fifth graders in your ministry are starting to look so grown up? Since the New Year, it seems like the little boys and girls who used to walk into your ministry are becoming young men and women. This is an important time for us to help prepare them to transition out of elementary ministry and into the student ministry.

Our friend, Gina McClain, shared over at the Lead Small blog about how small group leaders can strategically lean into this phase of their groups’ lives. Read an excerpt below and follow the link for more.

Leading tweens in meaningful conversation can feel like herding cats, I encourage you to press into this season and don’t give up. In fact, here’s a tip you can use to increase your chances of meaningful dialogue.
Leverage Your Influencers
There is always ‘that kid’ in your group. The one that seems to set the tone. The one everyone takes their cue from. You might have more than one. And that can be helpful. But there is usually at least one.
Rather than leaving their response to chance, you could shoulder tap that kid and challenge them to really contribute to this conversation. In fact, you think so highly of them, you want them to share first on a particular topic. Then give them the question and allow them time to consider their answer. Leverage their influence by leading them to set the right tone for group discussion.

– See more at: https://leadsmall.org/elementary/going-deeper-with-tweens/