“Mom, did you know that one time Ms. Sandra had a real live moose in her house?”
 “Hey mom, Miss Amy and Mr. Adam told me we are going to make snow globes when they come over next! Real snow globes!”  
“Mom, isn’t it so funny when Miss Jenilee always shouts ‘Holla!’ when she is excited? What does that even mean?”
These are some of the conversations our friend, Nina, has with her children about their friendships with adults outside of their family. They are fun little stories and tid-bits that reflect real relationship and investment into their lives.
When parents take steps to invite healthy influencers into the lives of their children, it ensures support and investment they trust.  Parents will give kids an opportunity to see an authentic faith lived out in the lives of someone they admire. And, as a bonus, parents will show their kids they believe they are worth knowing.
To read more of Nina’s suggestions, click over to the Parent Cue blog. Summer is a great time to be intentional about widening the circle. Use this link to share this article with the parents in your ministry: https://theparentcue.org/how-to-invite-others-to-invest-in-the-lives-of-your-kids/