T.E.A.M. I feel like cheering when I type that word. I love a good team and I have been so blessed to serve with some of the best.
I am terrible with details. I know I should be bothered with them, but I am not. That is why I had Janeane on my team. She lived for the details. Thank goodness! When I didn’t care about collecting data on families, she got every last name and number. When I didn’t see why a deadline was that important, she gently reminded me to get it done. She saved me from myself constantly.
I am not an actor, singer or dancer. I dare say people would probably pay me NOT to do any of these things. That is why God sent Dana, Jen, Diane and Carlee. They are some of the most creative people I know. They rocked large group for preschool and grade school. They sent scripts, practiced dance moves, gathered props and costumes, did something with ProPresenter. (I still don’t know what to do with that program.) They were rock stars!
I am not great at remembering people’s names. That is why I teamed up with Brenda as a volunteer coordinator. She was a former reporter who loved to ask everyone all the details of their life, take notes on said details and keep records of everyone. As we strolled the halls on Sundays mornings she would say: “That’s Bob. He just moved here from Ohio. He has two dogs, works at the gas company and is going on vacation in three weeks. But, I’ve already got him covered.” WHAT!? She was like the superhero of remembering. She was always two steps ahead of everyone. Every class she was in charge of had a text group for parents that she had saved in her phone and a text group of subs. Really, who does that? Not me.
I am not great at keeping the resources organized. That is why Leann was there! She loved a good label maker and color-coded system. She could organize a workroom like a boss. She could put a finger on a pipe cleaner or googly eyes before you could count to three.
I could go on and on talking about Wally, Kimba, Kellie, Betsy, Josh, Cole, Jay, Blake and the other 300 people that I was so blessed to serve with . . . because I learned something very important in my younger years of ministry. Are you ready for this bit of wisdom?
I. Can’t. Do. It. All.

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