You signed up for First Look. You figured out how to download the weekly files. You know how to make copies. You’re all set for Sunday. But you feel like you might be missing something. You wonder if there is something more for you to know.

Well, yes. Yes, there is.

Becoming a partner with First Look provides access to a multitude of training resources to help you become a better leader.

  • The TRAINING SECTION of the First Look download matrix is the place to start. You can find your welcome documents outlining the entire curriculum (in case you lost that email from your Orange Specialist), as well as podcasts to help you catch the First Look vision.
  • Our monthly PREVIEW VIDEOS are available on for you, your volunteers and your preschool parents to view. These videos provide the “why” behind each month’s curriculum.
  • YOULEAD is a leadership curriculum designed to help you be a better leader by giving you the tools you need in an easily accessible way. When you’re ready to take the next step, be sure to check out YouLead.
  • THE ORANGE CONFERENCE is the ultimate Orange experience. Held yearly in late April, The Orange Conference provides amazing leadership training, challenges you to grow spiritually, and encourages networking with other preschool leaders. If you have never attended The Orange Conference, you are missing a truly amazing opportunity.

These are just a few of the resources Orange has to help you become a better leader. Our greatest resource are our Orange Specialists. These amazing ladies can help you find the training you need to grow your program.

Take some time today to investigate one of these great resources. We’d love to hear what you discover.