In college, I majored in musical theatre, so I never really learned how to be a writer. And I missed out on a lot of the training that I assume most writer’s get in school. I mean, I know all the basics. I know what a sentence is. I know the difference between an adjective and an adverb. I’m reasonably sure that I understand, proper comma, usage. But the one class I wish my guidance counselor had steered me toward is “How to Deal with Writer’s Block 101.”
For those of you unfamiliar with the fine craft of writing, it really is as easy as it sounds. Most of the time. You sit down at a desk and make stuff up and then put it down on paper. But there are some times when you sit down at the very same desk, fingertips poised over the keyboard, and you desperately want to make stuff up but you can’t think of a single thing. I’m serious. Nothing comes to your mind. I know because this happens to me frequently. “Come on, Brandon. You can do this. First thing that comes to your mind!” The next thing I know, I’m typing, “These are words. Words string together to form sentences. Words words words words. All work and no play makes Brandon a dull boy.” And then, after a long day of sitting at a computer, I find that nothing of substance has been written.
So, the question is, how on earth do you make writer’s block go away? I’ve come up with a few methods that I’ve tested at length and I can say with confidence that none of these methods work for me:
1. Getting on Facebook – Facebook is a wonderful tool that connects you with people all over the world and from all walks of your life. It’s also an all-consuming black hole of procrastination.
2. Taking a Nap – Straining your brain all day can make you very tired, and giving into that sleepiness is really, REALLY awesome. But not very productive.
3. Prayer – Yeah, sorry. Prayer doesn’t do it for me. Or perhaps it does in ways I don’t understand. Sometimes when I pray, I imagine God is saying, “Why are you asking for my help? Quit taking naps and wasting your time on Facebook if you want to write.”
I will tell you one thing that prayer does do. It helps me reconnect with God and reminds me why I write in the first place. My weakness forces me to depend on a Power infinitely greater than my own. So, for that reason, I think writer’s block, for me, is a good thing. At least until I learn to put my complete trust in God without it.