Often, when we think of children impacting the world around them, our minds drift to students going on mission trips or older kids collecting canned goods for the local food bank. However, it wasn’t until recently that my perspective drastically changed on this.

Last Christmas, we let our preschooler (at the time) join in Operation Christmas Child. He got to pick the stuff to go in the shoe box. He got to wrap it up and put stickers on the outside of the box. He even colored a picture and wrote his name on it. I transcribed a few facts about him and put his address on the picture too. We placed the box of goodies with all the others our church had collected and that was that, or so I thought.

About a month ago our son received an envelope that had unusual stamps and a return address from Togo, Africa. We couldn’t imagine why he’d be getting mail from another continent. We opened the envelope to find a letter from Barthalomey, a four-year-old little boy who had also drawn our son a picture and asked him to write back.

So, after much thought (actually it only took about 20 seconds), Garner decided to write back and draw another picture. A lot of detail went into making sure the cat in the drawing looked like our new kitten. He was so excited to look on a map and see where his new friend lived and where his cat picture was going.

On a much grander and more detailed scale of Garner’s details in the cat picture, even more detail went into the shaping of our five-year-old’s heart. Now, he has seen a glimpse of this big world. And now he knows that even at his age he can impact the world.

Have you investigated the Operation Christmas Child files on your First Look download page? What an amazing opportunity for your preschoolers to change the world.