You know how you can read the same scripture again and suddenly realize a new truth?  As many times as we’ve examined the character of God, sometimes we look again and discover something we’ve never seen before. We recently compared our list of virtues to the character of God defined in the Bible, and we found something missing! We realized we needed to add a new virtue for the fall to better teach kids the character of God, and it’s surprised us how tough it’s been.
This characteristic of God is so universal, it should be easy to define.
This characteristic of God is so broad, it should be easy to relate to kids.
This characteristic of God is found throughout scripture, it should be easy to choose the best Bible stories.
We have put hours, even days, into meetings to conceptualize this new virtue.  We’ve dug into Scripture and other reference material, debated the merits of one word over another, examined our own experiences, interviewed experts, and tested ideas on our kids.  We even postponed this virtue a couple of months because it just wasn’t ready yet.
This week, after two more days hammering it out, we have emerged with a framework for this new virtue, and a clearer picture of our God.  We hope every kid in your ministry will come to recognize the image of God in them.
So, what’s the virtue?
What Bible stories would you choose to teach creativity?  You’ll have to wait til October to see what we came up with.