We have several people live tweeting and taking notes during Orange conference. Follow along with the hashtag #OC15.
Here are the tweets/notes that came out of Cass Brannan’s breakout “Before and After Baby Dedication.”

Baby dedication:  It’s not a checklist, its’ about the moms and dads.

Before BabyD

  • Why do we even do it?
  • Answer this in the pre-meeting and homework.
  • Watch the videos:
    • Imagine the end:  We say “add 5 characteristics that you want to see in your child.”
    • Widen the circle:  Your children need more influences in their life than just mom and dad.  Invite those people into that event to invest in this strategy.
  • It’s a partnership. Explain to parents why we do what we do.
  • We don’t do childcare we do ministry for the littlest hearts.


During Baby D

  • The event itself is to:
    • Encourage parents
    • Clarify the win
    • Celebration

After BabyD

  • Get your volunteers onboard with this. Especially your baby and crawler volunteers.  What if they understood there’s a strategy?  Your volunteers are the ones who will make your moms and dads feel included.  You volunteers play a huge role in the strategy of baby dedication and they don’t even know it.  But the words that they speak will go a long with with the moms and dads.
  • A year later, give them a card from someone, a dvd to encourage them, or 52 marbles.  Realize those 52 weeks went by really really quickly. The biggest place we fail in this is that the parents feel forgotten.
  • We say we will partner with parents but week after week we don’t see it.

Follow Up

  • Communicating with parents can’t stop with preschool.
  • If we don’t consistently communicate with the parents, we might has well not done it.

Its about giving our time to something bigger than us.  

The Create A Rhythm event is a great reminder for parents to use the time they all ready have.  

  • What if we give parents those simple tools and that simple event.
  • Give them the stuff to actually do it.
  • We make a box with something for each “time”.
    • Cup – BathTime
    • Ball – PlayTime
    • CD – DriveTime (If you want to have a great conversation with your child, don’t look in their eyes.)
    • Flashlight – CuddleTime

We aren’t satisfied with just an event, we want everything in the rhythm of your day to point to Jesus.


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