We have several people live tweeting and taking notes during Orange conference. Follow along with the hashtag #OC15.
Here are the tweets that came out of Autumn Wards’s breakout “Connecting Small Group Leaders and Parents of Preschoolers.”

Orange happens when the church strategically partners with parents by:

Inviting them in.

Enabling them to join the team.

Training them how to work from the same page with the same end in mind.

No one has more potential to impact a child than the child’s family.

Invite your parents to join you and your SGLs through

  • Baby dedication
  • Parent orientation
  • Promotion Sunday
  • Create a rhythm event
  • One-on-One

“Preschoolers are doing pretty good to be doing what they do considering they’ve been on the planet for 3 or 4 years.”

Enable parents with:

  • Weekly parent cue resources
  • Create a rhythm event
  • Music resources
  • Blogs
  • Conversation guides

“You want to help your parents imagine the end and then help them develop spiritual habits that will carry them to that end.”

Enable SGLs with:

  • Postcards for holidays, get well, birthday and we miss you.
  • Updated lists of the children and their contact info (every 6 weeks)
  • Resources to better understand the different phases in preschool.
  • Cards with telephone scripts for introductions or explaining specula events.

Train your parents and Small Group Leaders how to use the resources.

  • Meet together and walk through the resources you provide.
  • Practice together in a group
  • Help your parents and SGL remember the win
  • Send out weekly emails
  • Post signs in your church
  • Have video testimonials running in hallways above your check in.
  • Use videos in the adult auditorium
  • Use social media to cue parents and SGLs and cast vision
  • Keep the end in mind alive.

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