We have several people live tweeting and taking notes during Orange conference. Follow along with the hashtag #OC15.
Here are the tweets that came out of Cass Brannan’s breakout “Designing An Engaging Context for Preschoolers.”

  • Set the Stage: “What if you’re 3 feet tall and 2 years old? What does your room look like, feel like, sound like?”
  • We don’t want volunteers to be standing & prepping when moms and dads show up. It communicates “You’re not ready for me.”
  • Some people feel like they should go back to church when they have kids. You have the opportunity to make first impressions.
  • “Don’t let a family walk up to the door and no one be there to greet them.”
  • “When moving from one thing to another, everything needs to be the same. Preschoolers need to know what’s next.”
  • “Preschoolers need to know every story from God’s Word is true & they can believe it.”
  • “If you don’t teach it (the Bible) like it’s the best story ever, you are wasting your time.”
  • Preschool Worship: “Give them a place to learn to worship like a preschoolers.”
  • “Get your volunteers worshiping with the preschoolers so they can see what it looks like.”
  • “Group time is about connecting the story, God’s Word, to their little hearts.”
  • Parents don’t need something else to do. Give them an activity to do during times they all ready have with their kids.
  • “Ask this question? How can I help parents win at home?”

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