We had SEVERAL awesome announcements at our “First Look Revised” breakout at Orange Conference 2015. (Did you miss #OC15? Make sure you sign up for next year’s conference at TheOrangeConference.com) We wanted to make sure that EVERYONE heard about all the fantastic improvements coming to the First Look Curriculum!

  • We’ve updated our PDF curriculum documents to make First Look even easier to implement in your environment! With each activity on its own page, you can now easily print only those activities you plan to use. In addition, we’ve made the pages cleaner, easier to read and labeled each type of activity. Now, you can quickly find those movement activities for the active kids in your group!
  • We’re updating our download matrix to have a Large Groups section where you can find everything needed for the Make It True section of the curriculum. Added this year will be a “Rug” script for Make It True specifically designed for those churches who gather children around them on the floor to tell the story. The “Stage” script will continue to be written for those churches who have volunteers and resources to perform a more dynamic script.
  • Also in our Large Group section, you will find monthly theme art on screens! Each month will have a fun, fresh look that ties into the theme for the series. We will include this theme art on screens for your large group environment as well as incorporate it into the PDF curriculum documents and Parent CUE. Vector files will be available for purchase at OrangeStore.org.
  • We are THRILLED to announce the addition of Extended Toddlers. This new curriculum will work in conjunction with the toddler curriculum and offer a weekly Bible story and craft. Because toddlers love and need repetition, the same Bible story will be told all month long, but in four (or five) different ways. This curriculum is perfect for churches who have everyone under the age of three in one room.
  • Downloadable videos and more? Yes, please. Now our supplemental video product, Wonder! Look at God’s Story, is available via download from the curriculum site. You can even auto-subscribe to them each month. Plus, you can download the monthly placemat in the same place.
  • Our weekly social media plan is now downloadable from the First Look curriculum site. It’s now easier than ever to post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about what’s going on in your ministry each week.

All of these changes will take place with the August 2015 curriculum, which will be available in early June.

We know you’re as excited as we are about these changes. We look forward to hearing how you use them!