We have several people live tweeting and taking notes during Orange conference. Follow along with the hashtag #OC15.
Here are the tweets that came out of Meaghan Wall’s breakout “Partnering With Parents of Special Needs Children.”


God is not caught off guard by children with special needs. He made them with a purpose. It is our job to help them find that purpose.

Parents of children with special needs don’t want to be seen as only having needs. Recognize that parent’s gifts & talents to serve.

The length of time parents will listen to someone’s critiques is in direct proportion to the length of time you are willing to help.

Encouraging words said to special needs parents may not always help them through their grief but being w/ them along the journey will.

Moms tend to experience guilt and Dads experience shame in regard to their kid’s needs. Give parents a place work those feelings.


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