We have several people live tweeting and taking notes during Orange conference. Follow along with the hashtag #OC15.
Here are the tweets that came out of Kara Powell’s breakout “Preparing Your Grads for What’s Next.”


Preparation is too little and too late to prepare high school graduate for their next steps.

What separates Christianity from every other faith is grace.

We accidentally shame our graduates by not letting them know that we will surround them with an environment of grace when they fail.

Preparing students for graduation is not an event, it’s a process.

To prepare students we need to: start early, help them find a faith community, make new friends, mange time and $$.

When college freshman were asked what they wished someone had told before college they said: making friends & managing time and money.

The first 4 days of college are crucial to the rest of a student’s college path.

The church has been notorious for not helping students handle emerging doubts. We must help them navigate their doubts.

Doubt isn’t toxic to faith, silence is.

We have to raise the tough questions that students will struggle with while they are still active parts of our ministries.

4 words that have the potential to take doubt from a negative to a positive: “I don’t know, but…” and explore the answers together.

Ask students, “If you could ask God any question, what would it be?” and discuss their answers.

Help students navigate their changing relationships with parents, friends and leaders as they transition to college.

Give parents ideas for the Graduation Dinner. Plan the table talk: share advice, encouraging words and uplifting scripture

Give students leads on where to find churches and christian college chapters to build their faith communities.

Every graduate needs 1 number in their phone that they can call if they get in a difficult situation. Give them that #.

Stay in touch with students. Send care packages, birthday cards, letters, facebook messages, phone calls, texts and more.

Are we safe places for students when they fail?


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