Volunteering is not a requirement—it’s a passion! And your preschool volunteers serve tirelessly each week to make your ministry great. So why not invest in them? Join us for LIVE TO SERVE this winter to let them know how important they really are. This event is designed specifically for preschool and children’s ministry volunteers, and will help them understand their role in the bigger picture as well as thank them for their hard work.

This unique 210-minute event could change everything for your team. We promise fun, encouragement, unity, excitement and practical wisdom.

REGISTRATION OPENS OCTOBER 30! Register on Opening Day to receive our Prioritizing Family series, plus a chance at some amazing prizes! Tickets are only $25 through January 31.


Birmingham, AL

February 21, 2015


Nashville, TN

February 28, 2015


Cincinnati, OH

March 7, 2015


Norfolk, VA

March 14, 2015


For more information, visit LiveToServe.co.