One of our more popular segments in 252 Movie is The Kelly Show. We had a moment to sit down with the show’s energetic host, Kelly.
252 – Kelly, thank you so much for taking the time for this interview. I know you have a busy schedule.

Kelly – No problem, whatsoever.
252 – Outside of school, homework, chores, ballet and tap class—
Kelly – And Zumba starting this week.
252 – Okay, and Zumba. You also have your own very popular TV show that you tape in your room.

Kelly – Well, when you put it that way, I am pretty amazing!
252 – Tell us a little about The Kelly Show.

Kelly – Well, it’s the best show in the world for starters. My dad’s the cameraman and my mom is the caterer.
252 – And your little brother?
Kelly – Is annoying.
252 – Tell us what your show’s about. Why is it a part of 252 Movie?

Kelly – Certainly! So I go to church every week and I read my Bible every day. And mom and dad have always taught me to love and trust God. But there are a lot of kids my age who don’t get to go to church and who maybe don’t have parents who tell them about God. So, on my show, I can, like, you know, from a kid’s point of view, tell them about God and Jesus and help them to see that the Bible has so much to offer us. I mean, kids. The Bible’s not just for grown-ups and old men wearing robes. Kids can get a lot out of it, too!
252 – That’s a great answer.
Kelly – I’m also on the Debate Team.
252 – Of course you are.

You can catch Kelly from The Kelly Show next in April’s 252 Movie.