Music is a memory connector. That’s why so many of the things that we learn as a child are set to music. Once it is in your brain, it stays there. For example, it’s almost impossible to say your ABCs. We sing them. Because years ago, we learned the order of the alphabet by setting it to music. You can no doubt sing “Itsy, Bitsy Spider,” though you don’t remember when you first heard it. Or what about “London Bridge,” “Three Blind Mice” and “I’m a Little Teapot”? They all still have a spot in our brain! Countless studies have been done to determine the human brain’s capacity to retain music. Answers will vary, but all agree that the average person can remember thousands of songs.

It only makes sense that we should provide our littlest ones with music that helps them remember and celebrate the wonder of their heavenly Father. With that in mind, First Look provides you an original song each month that is written to correspond to the theme of that month. We are now going to make it one step easier for your parents who would like to use this music at home to do just that. Beginning in September, we are bringing you easier access to Amber Sky Records.

Amber Sky Records is the music side of Orange. The set up is very similar to iTunes. As an example, during August, we introduced the song, “This or That?” If your parents would like to have that song to play in the car or at home, they simply go to, set up an account, purchase credits and then use those credits to purchase the song. To download one song costs one credit. A single credit costs $1.39. Multiple credit bundles are available, too, making the cost-per-credit even less.

To help make it easy to find, we will include the link to the monthly song, along with a Facebook post and tweet, in our Social Media Plan the first week of each month. This way, parents who would like to have the song can get it early in the month and enjoy it throughout the time it is being used in class.

If you are interested in gifting this music to your families, gift cards for Amber Sky music are available at this link in The Orange Store, in $5, $10 and $15 denominations.