Four years ago, launched and changed everything about the way ministry leaders and parents combine their influences to help elementary kids grow. Since then, over 6,000 accounts have been created on the site. Families from over 80 different countries have visited Studio 252 over 120,000 times. Families battling childhood illnesses have built COURAGE and communities facing tragedy have discussed FAITH. Conversations that started in ministry settings are being continued at church through videos, activities, stories and discussion guides. And we believe more can be done through Studio 252.

Introducing Studio 252, reimagined.

Starting in October, we’re delivering a new website that is clean, effortless and family friendly. The beauty of this new site is its simplicity: kids can navigate fun activities, videos, and stories with just a few touches; parents can access everything they’ll need in an organized way.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.25.30 AM

  • Enter the site with a phone, tablet or desktop. The entire site is mobile-friendly through your browser.
  • Anyone can easily create an account. No codes required.
  • Comfortably share the site with friends. Most features on the site are available without logging in.
  • Families enjoy Studio 252 Live broadcasts every Sunday.
  • Kids build a profile, create an avatar and answer weekly challenge questions.
  • Parents send encouraging messages directly to their kids’ accounts.
  • Parents’ monthly content is organized by times, making it easy to know what to use and when.

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We believe the new will make it easier for ministry leaders to share their message with parents. And it will be easier for parents to share with their community.

This changes everything. Again.