Super Shea is coming to the clubhouse!

Have you previewed your August Wonder! Look at God’s Story DVD yet? If you did, you probably noticed a new face! It’s Super Shea, Zach’s new neighbor! They’re great friends and are sharing Zach’s clubhouse.

We have heard AMAZING feedback on how Zach has changed the way your preschoolers watch our Wonder! DVD. (There is even a church where all the preschoolers put on their capes to watch the videos so they can be like Mighty Zach.) We think Super Shea will be a welcome addition to your preschool fun.

Super Shea will be in the clubhouse for August 2012 with Mighty Zach returning in September 2012 and then Super Shea again through the beginning of 2013. As we record the spring of 2013, Super Shea and Mighty Zach will alternate months and may even appear together. After all, they’re good friends!

We look forward to hearing how your preschoolers welcome Super Shea into their world.