Jesus Wants to Be My Friend Forever



Best Friend Forever.


It’s not always easy to live up to those three letters, no matter how much we throw them around. They’re written on friendship bracelets, scribbled on notebook paper, and jotted on hands. While they’re easy to write, these letters are hard to live up to. It’s challenging being a best friend, because we rarely have the ability to be a friend without messing up.


Thankfully, Jesus was and is the perfect example of a BFF. He never messed up—not even once! That’s why this month, we are teaching preschoolers that Jesus is the very best friend we could ever have. And even better news—Jesus wants to be our friend forever!


We Go Together: Jesus wants to be my friend forever


Better than peanut butter and jelly, we go together with Jesus. He is the burger to our fries. The chips to our salsa. The cookies to our milk. He will never disappoint us. He’s a great friend.


And while the topic can seem trite at first glance, obviously Jesus is more than just the burger to our fries. The idea that Jesus is our friend and loves us is a concept we’re all in need of hearing—especially preschoolers. The God of the universe came to earth as one of us—human. He opened his arms wide to every one of us including the outcasts, the tax collectors, the sinners, and the broken-hearted. All of us. He was the best friend we all longed for.


Preschoolers will learn that Jesus wants to be our friend forever through various Bible stories every week! Check out the overview of April 2022 here:


WEEK ONE: Walking On Water — Matthew 14:22-33


Jesus and all of his disciples were out on a boat, rocking back and forth on the rocky waves. One minute, the disciples were terrified, the boat swerving every which way on this windy day. The next minute, the disciples realized that Jesus really was the Son of God! And He will always be with us.


WEEK TWO: Palm Sunday — Matthew 21:1-11,15-16


This week, preschoolers will learn how before Jesus was crucified, the whole town was filled with excitement for Him. They welcomed Jesus on a donkey and waved palm leaves with excitement for his welcoming. We can be excited about Jesus!


WEEK THREE: Easter — Matthew 26:21-30; 27:1-2; 28:1-7


It’s true – this week starts out sad. Preschoolers will learn that angry people took Jesus away and hurt him so badly that he died. But that’s not where the story ends! Three days later, Jesus comes back just like He says He would. Our God rose from the grave on the third day!


 WEEK FOUR: Breakfast on the Beach — John 21:1-14


In the final week of We Go Together, preschoolers hear about the disciples who were out on a boat fishing. When they looked across the shore, they saw Jesus! They thought they lost him forever, but then they realized that they never actually lost him. He was there, making breakfast for them on a beach!


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What’s true is that we go together with Jesus. Like ketchup and mustard, like ice cream on a summer day, and like cake at a birthday party. We go together with Jesus—forever and ever.


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