Have you checked out LeadSmall.org? It’s a new blog created by Orange to encourage and equip Small Group Leaders in your ministry. It even has a preschool section! Yes, a section just for your preschool Small Group Leaders.

In fact, click over there now. Go ahead. Click this and go read a bit.

I’ll wait.

Oh, you’re back!!

Did you find something interesting? Did you find something you needed to “hear” today? Did you find something you wanted to share with your volunteers?

LeadSmall.org is created by Small Group Leaders for Small Group Leaders. Everyone who writes for the blog is currently serving somewhere. These men and women are in the trenches with you and want to share what they’ve learned. They want to hear from you too.

Do you have a group of volunteers that could benefit from some wisdom, insight and wit? (Don’t we all?) Be sure to forward the LeadSmall.org link on to them. They’ll thank you for it.