During my first staff role, our children’s ministry was managing over five different curriculums between our Sunday and Wednesday programming.  We operated under the false assumption that “more was better” and that all of the different programming was a creative way to teach the Bible to a bunch of kids.
Our ministries were adrift on the sea of complexity. Our multiple programs ultimately diluted our effectiveness. Parents were unable to reinforce lessons easily (I mean, which one should they choose?), and kids were suffering from information overload. The multiple scope and sequences didn’t work together—they actually started to cancel each other out.
Maybe you are also operating under the false assumption that bigger is better or more programming means more impact? Really, your greatest impact will come when you start filtering through the lens of teaching “less for more.”
Less for more means that you teach the most important things—not everything—so that learning has a better chance to stick in the hearts and minds of kids. It also requires ministries to operate in alignment, which helps leaders and parents better understand where you are headed.
Check out this great story of alignment from Aunie Brooks at The Oaks Fellowship in Red Oak, TX:
“Our church leases our space to a charter school, a public and government funded institution, called Life School. We offer an after-school program called Powerhouse for kids who attend Life School. It’s our chance to teach Jesus and the Bible to kids who attend the school but not our church.

“I recently met with the Powerhouse team about switching to 252 Basics so they would be in alignment with what the church taught children on weekends. We convinced them to try it out and they loved it! They are now teaching the same thing as us and we are able to reinforce during the week what we are teaching on the weekends. For kids who attend both Powerhouse and our ministry at The Oaks, the alignment helps them to focus their learning in one area so it really sinks in! Children who only attend Powerhouse are getting creatively told relevant, Biblical truth that they may not receive anywhere else.

“Our sights are now set on partnering with Core Essentials to help Life School integrate the character development program that parallels our efforts at The Oaks Fellowship so that all three of these entities can be in alignment.

“We are excited about the deeper learning and impact that is happening in our community as we think strategically instead of adding more and more to the mix!”
What if your entire community was buzzing with conversations about the lessons they learned through a strategic alignment of your message? If you need a helping hand on how to align your ministries, call your Orange Specialist. Our team will be happy to help you think through a plan to have a greater impact by doing less for MORE!
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