I had the privilege of representing Orange at the Four Square Convention in Phoenix, Ariz. There were many leaders that had never heard of Orange or combining influences to have a greater impact on the next generation. We spoke with leaders from California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, New Jersey, British Columbia, Nigeria, and many more! It was very exciting to watch God move.
After boarding the plane today to head back home, I decided to rest a bit and began to dream of all that could go wrong on this flight. We were plane number two and waiting to depart. I decided to keep my eyes closed and just trust that everything would be okay. Trying to relax, this Scripture ran through my mind:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

I found myself a little nervous as we waited. I was in an aisle seat and all windows around me were closed. It felt like we were all ready to go and that take-off was successful but I could not see it! For a second, I panicked and felt like something was off. Our back wheels still felt like they were on the ground. Have you ever felt this way? Regardless of this feeling, I knew I did not have any control over the outcome. I needed to do what I could do and trust God with the rest.
I realized this is true with each conversation I had at the conference. God is at work and will continue to equip leaders to succeed and further His kingdom! It is humbling that God chooses us to take part in this! As we come to the end of this month where we’ve discussed Trust in 252 Basics, I encourage you to take time to be aware of the ways Trust takes shape in your life. See it, share it, live it! Take comfort that the God of the universe is holding every detail of our lives in His hands!
As Kidmin leaders, we prepare our lessons, gather supplies, cross the Ts and dot the Is. But in the end we have to trust that God will take the seeds we plant and water them and help them to bloom! The same Holy Spirit that is alive and living in you and me as believers is alive and living in all who choose Jesus! Including children! A child will believe what you tell them to believe until an adult teaches them otherwise. It is so important that we help embed in their hearts that they can trust God no matter what. And when we model that as parents and leaders we are giving them a front row seat to God’s goodness and grace. Never underestimate the power of what God can do when we fully trust in Him! Be encouraged, and lead on!