Lana Jeffrey is the Director of Destiny House Children’s Ministry at The Potter’s House of North Dallas and shares her story of what God is doing in their ministry.
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“Jesus increased in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52
Serving in Children’s Ministry since I was old enough to pass out snacks until now has been one of the greatest joys in my life!  Thankfully, I have always had great leadership in my life. My entire family and the generations before me on both sides have always served in ministry. As a Children’s Pastor I always knew that there should be a resource available that could feed both students and the leaders. Personally I have explored MANY curriculums, workbooks with simple print-outs and spent countless hours searching for music and skits that would fit the demographic of our Church. Needless to say I continued to settle.
About 2 1/2 years ago we found a pot at the end of the rainbow. And it was filled with the color ORANGE!!!! Little did I know it would be the gift that kept on giving. We started off using First Look, 252 Basics and now XP3! It’s so refreshing to see our team at The Potters House North finally have great content on every level.  Luke 2:52 is for everyone! As Leaders, we should strive to remain in student mode, therefore continuing to grow in WISDOM, STATURE and FAVOR with God and man.
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I’m the kind of person that, when I find something I love I have to share it with everybody! So, for the past year I’ve been on what I call “The Orange Movement!” I have become passionate about spreading the Orange message to every hungry leader I know. I’ve had amazing opportunities to travel to various Churches hosting First Look and 252 Basics trainings. To me, discovering Orange is like walking onto a college campus. Opportunities are everywhere! The more doors I open the more I discover.
Orange is more than a curriculum, organization, and even more than just resource….it’s a GAME CHANGER!  If you serve in any area of Family Ministry and you’re on a search for something “real good” to feed your kids and your team, First Look, 252 Basics & XP3 are what you are looking for.
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252 Basics is developing a pathway for the next generation to fall in love with the Word of God. Who knows how many lil lives will have a stronger foundation because we said “YES”!
Thank you Orange Team for making it easy for us to say “YES” over and over again!