What does corn say when it feels embarrassed?
“Aw, shucks!”
 Okay, I won’t deny that’s a little corny. Or maybe a whole-tub-of-movie-popcorn-with butter corny.
But at Orange, we firmly believe laughter is one of the best ways to connect with your kids and help them learn. It’s not rocket science—but it actually is science!

  1. A recent study by the American Psychological Association says that using humor can aid learning by “reducing anxiety, boosting participation and increasing students’ motivation to focus on the material.” 1
  2. Studies by Johns Hopkins University Medical School show laughter increases memory and learning. 2
  3. One early childhood expert suggests that kids use silliness and laughter to cement friendships—and that humor helps children stretch their imaginations and look at situations from a variety of different angles. 3

You don’t have to be a polished comedian to use humor with your kids. In fact, everything we create for you to use with your families is designed to help your kids and parents laugh and learn. Laughter doesn’t make a lesson shallow—in fact, it does the opposite. Laughter opens up hearts and minds to hear and remember deep truth.
Jesus used humor with His adult audiences—stories and irony! We know that He interacted lovingly with kids. And it’s a safe guess that He wasn’t above making them laugh.
It’s why we create fun characters and crazy games in our Groups scripts.
It’s why we offer you entire sketch comedy show scripts for our Family Experience that engage parents as well as kids.
It’s why we work with talented actors for our video materials who can deliver both deep truth and a laugh line.
And it’s why I’m going to leave you with this video clip that reminds me to steward well what God has given me—AND makes me laugh.
Every. Single. Time.

(Note: This is not necessarily an endorsement of Despicable Me 2.)

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