I have had a very fun, busy ministry season traveling and speaking to leaders through an amazing conference called Live To Serve. During the morning sessions we have taken time to train, inspire, laugh, celebrate and party with volunteers. It has been awesome. But, I think my favorite part of the day has been the afternoon session. My friend and ministry hero Sue Miller and I really felt like we needed to set aside this time for ministry leaders only. We wanted time to encourage them and hear their ministry struggles and wins, pray for them – whatever they may need. We also allowed them to write out ministry questions anonymously so we could dive in and try to help them solve some of their biggest ministry problems.

I was so surprised, but in every city from San Francisco to Virginia Beach and all in between this question or statement came up:

“Why can’t I just make every parent in our ministry serve?” or “I am having a hard time making all the parents in my ministry serve.”

What do you think? How do you answer this question?

Check back tomorrow for my answer in Part 2.