In part 1 of this blog series, we asked the question “Why can’t I make parents in my ministry volunteer?” I gave my reasons for not running you ministry that way in part 2. Today, I want to talk about a different way to think about volunteer recruitment in your ministry.

We need to give the children in our ministries what they deserve! I don’t know about you, but I want the very best for the kids in my care. If you are a mom, like me, you want the absolute best for your own children! I believe they deserve people who want to be there. I believe they deserve permanent leaders, I believe they deserve to be loved, I believe they deserve someone who signed up to be Jesus to them on Sunday! I want someone else speaking into my child’s life, reinforcing the things I am teaching at home.  I want someone who cares deeply for them. That is the picture of church I want my children to experience.

I was having lunch the other day with Jim Wideman and we were talking with some ministry leaders about this very topic. Jim has so much wisdom on this subject, as well as most anything Kids Ministry related. And, he said, “If that is how you run your church, I sure don’t want my precious grandson to ever come see you.” That is not what his grandson deserves!

I know Sunday is coming. I know you may feel overwhelmed with too many holes and not enough people to fill the slots. I did that for 20 years, along with an amazing team of people and it was always a very real and present need. But, when I started to cast vision for what it could be instead of always communicating what it was not, things started to change. When I shared vision to those who were already on board, they began to leak vision with me. They were even willing to step up and go the extra mile. They helped recruit and they served over and beyond the hour on their “God’s helper time card” (as my dad calls it). People began to “get it.” Change can happen. God promises He has equipped the body. We just have to pray and vision cast and ask the Holy Spirit to prompt those that he has equipped to serve in our ministries. I believe they are there. They just don’t know there is a need, or they are trying really hard to ignore the prompting. So keep praying and keep vision casting and keep asking!

But, whatever you do… please don’t settle. Don’t make people serve. Ask people to join a team with a vision for families changed forever for Jesus. But, don’t make them serve.