As an Orange Specialist with 252 Basics, I get the privilege of partnering with children’s ministry leaders all over the midwest and southwest states of the U.S. I hear “wins” about ministry, leadership, kids and parents. It’s rare, though, that I get to hear from the parents—until a couple of weeks ago.
Mountain Valley Church in Englewood, N.M., has been a partner with 252 Basics for three years. Their children’s ministry leader contacted me a couple of months ago to let me know she was stepping away from her role and the church would be searching for a new leader. In the interim, though, a group of parents would be stepping in to lead together.
I honestly expected a maintenance mode attitude during this interim time—a “just keep things moving along smoothly until the new leader arrives” mentality. Imagine my surprise to not only connect and engage with one of the parent couples, but have them lead the charge for learning everything they can about 252 Basics,, and many of our other curriculum enhancement resources!
Kudos to these parents who are adding to their already full plates of family life, work, school, etc., to not just maintain the status quo, but continue to strive for excellence for the children and families involved in their ministry! Kudos to this church for empowering their parents to do this.
As leaders, let’s not forget to tap into the amazing parents of your kiddos in your ministry. Who else to be more passionate about your children in your ministry than Mom and Dad? Involve them. Listen to them. Empower them to lead. Resource them. Affirm them in being the parents God is growing them to be!