Sometimes leadership can still feel pretty isolating. Maybe it’s just me, but I have days when I look around at all the people around me, and I struggle to find someone I can really talk to—someone I can dream big with, someone I can talk with to hash out vision, someone to help me navigate difficult relational situations. A confidante in ministry can be a difficult thing to find.
First and foremost is my desire to respect those on my team and the parents of the children I serve. I also recognize that ministry can throw some hard stuff at me, and sometimes some not-so-hard stuff that just logistically needs to be worked through. So, do I navigate these waters well? There are times when I need someone who is outside all of the personal dynamics of my ministry.
Someone who can step back and think more holistically. Someone who has a different perspective, different experiences, different resources, but still understands ministry overall. Someone who has been in the trenches and understands the reality of the relational dynamics, but who can see in from the outside providing them a clarity I simply can’t have.
One of the greatest things God has done for me is bring people into my life who can come alongside me to be a sounding board/encourager/brainstormer. Someone who can help me fine-tune and improve my vision. God designed His people to work as a body—different parts with different functions working together to accomplish amazing things for His kingdom.
I encourage every leader to seek out someone to play this role in their lives. Maybe it’s a leader at another church (if you live in a small town, it probably needs to be someone who lives in a different city).
Maybe it is someone who has retired from ministry and is wiling to share their wisdom and insight with you.
Today, we even have companies who make it a priority to facilitate this kind of relationship by matching you with someone to “coach” you.
Whatever avenue you feel may be right for you, I encourage you to seek out someone to be this other voice in your life. God designed us for relationship on purpose. Tap into that design and be encouraged and strengthened by the gift of someone to walk alongside you in your ministry journey!
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