Music and preschoolers go together like goldfish and apple juice, or Cheerios and milk, or teddy bears and bedtime stories. Music and preschoolers just fit! Why? Because preschoolers LOVE music.

They love to sing, dance and move around.

They love to jump and shout, and wiggle and whisper, all to the beat (or not to the beat) of a fun song.

The Orange First Look team knows just how important music is to the overall win of a preschool environment. We know that not only is it important that the songs be fun and engaging, but that they communicate powerful truths that align with what the children are learning. Because of this, we write a brand new song each month, and we make sure that each song lyrically supports what the children will be learning.

But also, we go a step further.

We make sure that the song skillfully fits where the children are developmentally. We take great effort to make sure the songs we write are generally easy for a preschooler to learn. The same goes for the hand motions. We strive to keep the hand motions very similar to what a preschooler would naturally do when dancing to the song. After all, is it truly a win if the music you play is simply just too hard for your children to learn?

In addition to providing you with a brand new song each month in your curriculum, we give you additional song suggestions from our music website, as well as hand motions to go with those songs. Because music is highly important, and because it can transform your entire environment, we want to do everything on our end to set you up for success.

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the monthly song in your curriculum downloads, we encourage you to do so! Also, if you haven’t checked out our music website,, we would love for you to do that as well!

Don’t underestimate the power of quality music in your environment! Watching a preschooler laugh and sing to a song is great. Watching a preschooler laugh and sing to a song that teaches eternal truths, is soul satisfying—and a huge win!

What are some of your favorite First Look songs?