Quite often, I’ve been asked, “Why is there only one Bottom Line for the month?” The answer is simple. Preschoolers require repetition. They don’t get it the first time. Adults don’t even get things the first go-round, so why expect a 3-year-old to hear something once and fully comprehend it? It takes multiple times hearing, seeing and saying something before it actually sticks with them.

The power of repetition recently displayed itself in my house. The other day, my 4-year-old was told “Thank you” for something kind he had done. In response to the person who thanked him, he said, “My pleasure.” If you are from the south, you know where he learned that phrase—yes, Chick-fil-A.

My family loves Chick-fil-A. I must admit, we eat there often. (Probably too often.) It’s an environment that’s safe, clean and positive for my kids. After hearing “My pleasure” as a response to “Thank you” multiple times, he had learned it and repeated it. We harness the power of repetition in our curriculum.

Each month, First Look creates one Bottom Line and one Key Question. Throughout the month, we continuously ask the same Key Question to the preschoolers, and the answer is always the Bottom Line. We don’t want them to just hear it, but to say it, experience it, and ultimately remember it. And in years to come, that same truth will never leave them. Now, that’s the power of repetition.