Holden Riley Fincher is one of the most interesting, well-rounded, and talented 8th graders I know. Actually, he’s one of the most interesting, well-rounded, and talented PEOPLE I know. And no wonder, he comes from a very interesting and talented family. Jayce and Chrystina Fincher have been good family friends of ours for a long, long time, and I have been blessed to be a part of their life and get to watch their kids grow up. They are both incredible musicians, and have definitely contributed to Holden’s passion for music.
Holden started off as a bass and guitar player, but started taking singing seriously about three to four years ago. After hearing Holden perform a song on Amber Sky’s most recent CD, Zapped, I knew he would be perfect for the song I was working on for November, “Let it Out.”
Not only did Holden do an amazing job on the lead vocals, but the music video for this song will absolutely pull at your heartstrings. The song is about having gratitude, and being thankful for what we have. In the music video, Holden is singing and playing the guitar, and spending time with his mom and dad, and his little brother and sister, Cashmen and Ava. Don’t take my word for it; go check it out yourself on Studio252.tv or Amber Sky Records. But beware: It might be the SWEETEST thing you’ve ever seen.
Holden’s dream is to be a musician, producer, songwriter, or luthier (which he had to explain to me is someone who builds guitars). But most of all, he wants to “tour and tell people about God and the blessings we have.”
Holden’s band is about to record an EP of a handful of songs they have written. You can expect great things from Holden Fincher over the next few years; he’s someone you should definitely keep an eye (and ear) out for.