We are always looking for ways to make what we already have even better for all of the churches that we partner with, and this time is no different! We created the Parent CUE poster for you to use in your preschool ministry to help cast vision to your parents. We hope this has been a valuable resource to you as you strive to do this each week. Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere, you can still find this poster on the curriculum website under the First Look Home panel where it’s always been. We just went a step further with this poster and made it even better by turning it into a screen graphic as well!

We know that many of you have asked for this, so we’re so excited to finally be able to create it for you! The screen graphics can be found on the curriculum website under the “Start Here” tab and are available in both the standard screen and widescreen formats. There are probably some of you out there who aren’t quite sure what a screen graphic is or what it’s used for. A screen graphic is an image that you can project through a TV or onto a screen and is GREAT to use in any area of your environment! The possibilities of where to use these are endless; here are just a few of my favorites:

  1. During your announcement time in your church service to let your parents know what you will be talking about during the month in your preschool ministry.
  2. Use them in your check-in area if you have a set-up conducive for it.
  3. Use them during your Large Group time as a creative way to show the Basic Truth and the memory verse for the month.

So, check out the new screen images and let us know where you plan to use them in your environment!