Mike Clear, director of children’s strategy for Orange, has served as a family ministries director for nearly a decade. He had great advice at an Orange Conference breakout today on creating a captivating family experience for your church and community. Here are some highlights we took away:
 What is an FX?
*Family-centered (although stylistically geared toward elementary age kids)
*Kid-focused (deals with issues affecting your kids)
*Creatively wired (“Use what is culturally relevant to communicate what is timeless.”)
*User friendly
*Volunteer-fueled (You’re also making easy entry points for people to volunteer in your church. Not everyone can be a small group leader but you can find places in your FX to get even unbelievers connected.)  
What an FX is NOT:
*A show (An FX removes the fourth wall, to get parents and kids to participate and not just observe)
*A family worship service (Think about your community, not just your church. Choose music that is fun, upbeat, etc.)
*For kids only
Why you should do an FX?
*Because it meets families where they are.
*It encourages parents and kids to talk and connect.
*It’s built on relationships (parent-child; parent-parent; family-church)
*Leads to an outside experience (you can take your FX to the local mall/tree lighting)
*It’s a platform to cast vision and strategy to families
What does an FX look like?
There are many different ways you can do it. Whether you have 15, 30 or 45 minutes, you can create a dynamic family experience with music, sketches, a credible and comic host, games, a Bible story, and videos. Choose the elements that work in your time frame and with environment.
When should you do an FX?
Seasonally (Christmas, Easter, Halloween)
Take FX Beyond the Walls
Maybe you don’t have a space at your church for an FX, or maybe you just want to take your FX outside the walls of your church? Literally think outside the box and consider hosting an FX at your local: 
Boys and Girls Club
Parks and Rec
Schools (Core Essentials)
Not sure if an FX is something you can pull off? Start by viewing Studio252Live.com.  Every Sunday, a new online FX experience airs at 10 am, 12 pm and 5 pm. Check it out and encourage your families to view as well. Consider saying YES to an FX for your church!