At Orange Conference 2014, the First Look Team led a breakout during the pre-conference day that was designed to introduce the First Look curriculum to First Look Friends who were new to the curriculum (using it two years or less).

We knew that our friends would be walking in the room with that “one” question they had to have answered. And, we wanted to make sure they knew it would get answered. So, we put up this slide.

02_Got Questions

 We collected tons of yellow cards with great questions and have begun answering them here on the First Look Blog. EVERY question is getting answered either via email (for those that are VERY church-specific) or blog post. It’s taken us a few weeks to gather all the writing together since were playing catch-up during the month of May, but the posts will be coming fast and furious over the next few weeks.

As we publish new posts, we’ll add to the list below.

Quick Answers to Quick Questions

How do I change from childcare to ministry?

How should I use Parent CUE?

How should we group our children in our preschool environment?

How do I keep my preschoolers engaged?

How do you lead preschool worship?