You’re all coming to Orange Conference, right? Please tell me you’re coming. I want to see you and hug your neck. (That’s a very southern phrase meaning I’ll give you as much of a hug as you’re comfortable with.) I want to tell you in person what an awesome job you’re doing leading your preschoolers.

Really. Please tell me you’re coming.

For those of you who don’t know, Orange Conference is an annual gathering of all the most amazing, hardworking people in the ministry world in Atlanta (well, burbs of Atlanta) that we have each spring.

This year’s dates are APRIL 29 – MAY 1 with a special optional YOULEAD Day on the 29th.

Hop on over to to check out all the awesome that will be happening during conference. Make sure you look at the breakouts. There are some fantastic ones. I was just scrolling through myself, and I am really excited about a few.

There’s “Navigating the Three Phases of Preschool” with Holly Crawshaw during both the A and B breakout period (Thursday at 10:45 and 1:15). Yes!! We are offering several of our phases breakouts twice so that you don’t have to somehow split yourselves into two people to get all the learning you need.

You did know the theme for this conference is “Just a Phase.” As in, all children go through multiple phases. You’re going to LOVE it!

Oh, and while we’re talking about preschool phases, let me tell you that there is a breakout called “Before and After Baby Dedication” during breakout period C (Thursday at 3). That’s going to be a good one.

In addition, there are plenty of breakouts about recruiting and leading volunteers. Sue Miller and Adam Duckworth have a new book about volunteers coming out, and they are leading a breakout together during breakout A (Thursday at 10:45) about it. It’s called “Seven Quirks of Incredible Volunteers.” That’s sure to be a ton of fun. I truly can’t spend much time with either of those amazing people without laughing hard and learning lots. Oh, and their book? It too is awesome.

There are several more breakouts just for preschool leaders including “Understanding Parents of Preschoolers” during breakout D (Thursday at 4:45) as well as breakouts designed to help you lead children with special needs, partner with parents, create a church strategy, and become a better leader.

There really is something for everyone attending conference. And, there is even more during the YOULEAD day prior to conference.

But, the most important thing that happens at conference is that you get to be with other leaders who are as passionate about leading the next generation as you are. Orange Conference is a unique environment where you will find people crazy about the color orange, but even more excited about what it symbolizes—the church and the family working together to become an even greater influence.

Get your ticket now. Prices increase in a few days. You don’t want to miss it.

Oh, and I really can’t wait to hug your neck. So make sure you come and find me. I’m usually in the curriculum booth in the arena explaining Orange and First Look to folks who don’t know how awesome it is yet.

See you there.