Were you one of these thousands of people who joined us at #OC15?
If so, I hope someone on the First Look team got to hug your neck! (That’s a very southern term for say hi and give you a hug.)


If you weren’t there in this fabulous mass of friends, we hope you were able to participate via the lovely internets!

We tried to keep you in the loop through Instagram, Facebook and mostly Twitter.

In fact, we placed First Look Friends in breakouts just so they could live tweet them.
If you are on Twitter and missed some of the conference, just go search the hashtag #OC15, and you will find all kinds of goodness.

We also created blog posts here on the First Look blog that captured some of the breakouts. Click here to see a list of those.

We also have a Pinterest Board that connects you to bloggers around the country who attended OC15 and are recapping things for you.

Finally, don’t miss all the great Orange Conference content coming out of the Orange Leaders blog right now. Specifically this great post by Matt McKee that tells us what to do next and the awesome FAQ page they created.

Finally, we want to hear from you!!!

What did you learn?
What did you walk away wanting to change?
Did you write a post about your experience? Share it with us.