We hope you had a blast helping the kids in your ministry discover Creativity last month. And we know you spent a lot of time prepping for your launch into Gratitude this month.

For an added bonus, we’ve found the perfect intersection between the two for you!

Packing shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child is a fantastic way to combine these Life Apps. What better way to express Gratitude to God than by giving to others? And what better way for a kid to show some Creativity than by designing a fun gift from the ground (cardboard), up? (For the crafty, there are even some incredibly creative ideas on Pinterest.)

If your church is already packing shoeboxes for kids around the world through OCC, we’d love to hear your experiences and see your photos on our Facebook page and Operation Christmas Child’s site.

Plus, we’ve been able to update this cool resource for you!

OCC Stories & Box Destination – revised October 2014 OCC_Stories_UPDATED03-Oct27

It’s a great way to learn in advance where your shoeboxes will be going and to find stories about kids in those regions who have received shoebox gifts in the past.

If you’re not participating in Operation Christmas Child, there’s still time! And since we provide a special Parent Cue for families to pack boxes on their own, you don’t need to worry about trying to fit yet another event on your schedule. Login to the curriculum download matrix for awesome tools to keep it simple.

Still not convinced? Well, we’ve got Santa on our payroll.

Santa Phil.Nice List

And he’s promised that anyone who packs an OCC shoebox goes on the Nice List.

(But then, you’re already on it, right?)

Are you participating in Operation Christmas Child? What are the best ideas you’ve come up with?