Every year, as we return from Christmas break, there is a buzz in the Orange offices. It’s not just the sugar high from those last few pieces of fudge. In fact, it’s something bigger and better. It’s Orange Conference!

From the first staff meeting of the new year until we welcome all our friends to the Gwinnett Arena at the end of April, the Orange staff is living and breathing . . . well, Orange. We wear it, we eat it, we speak it, we text it, we write it, we meet it. You get the idea. We are all Orange, all the time. And, we love it.

You’re going to love it too. You’re coming, right? To #OC14? You’ll be down here in Hotlanta at the end of April to worship and network and learn? Of course you will be. Even if you’ve been before, there’s always something new. Always. Here’s a little that you have to look forward to this year at #OC14 in the Preschool Track.

Helping Families Start Strong:
Imagine creating a ministry that taps into the needs that every parent of a preschooler feels. How can the church become more effective at helping these parents win? Whether these families are inside or outside the church, you have a unique opportunity to capture their imagination about how they can partner with you as a ministry. If you help them in the right way now, it could ensure their family is connected to your ministry later.

Leading Teen Volunteers:
With intentional recruitment and well-planned training, teens can fulfill many volunteer needs for a ministry. In this breakout, we’ll show you how to create an environment that fosters experiential life-change for contributing students while raising up future ministry leaders.

Strategies to Include Every Child (Including those with special needs):
The success of volunteers is often as important as the success of ministry participants. Join us as we discuss new ideas as well as tried and true strategies to help volunteers present Bible stories and engage every student, including kids with ADHD, sensory needs, and other learning differences.

Don’t those sound great? There are even more breakouts to explore over at The Orange Conference website. Go ahead. Click over and check it out.

While you’re over there, go ahead and sign up for The Orange Conference. If you register by February 20, you can save $40 off regular rates and receive a $50 Orange credit!

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

I’ll see you at #OC14. I’ll be the short one with the dark (graying) hair and big smile. Can’t wait to meet you!

Kathy Hill