It’s time to say, YES!!!

Yes! is the theme for The Orange Conference 2014

So why YES?

Because yes is so much more fun than no!

We want you to know that YES, you can do less and accomplish more.
YES, you will get more momentum when you function like a team.
YES, every kid can be connected with a consistent adult leader.
YES, what happens at home is as important as what happens at church.

A lot can happen when you start acting like the answer is YES.

Particularly in the preschool world, “No!” is heard far more often than yes.  And it’s easy to begin to ‘think’ no and ‘expect’ no even as leaders as we look at the days ahead in our ministries.

The Orange Conference 2014 will be an amazing opportunity to turn that thinking around and begin to expect YES!

Mark the dates on your calendar now, April 30 – May 2 and get ready to expect Yes, say Yes.

When asked the question, “are you attending The Orange Conference this year?”

The answer is YES!

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