Orange Conference ’13 is designed for your entire Family Ministry team to to experience, but there are a handful of events that elementary minsters must do while you’re here. Look forward to seeing you there!

Orange Interactive, Wednesday 3-6 pm
In this session, we’re discussing the whys and hows of 252 Basics, with detailed and experiential moments in large group, small group, worship and connecting with parents. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the strategy in creating 252 Basics. And walk away with some fun goodies! Whether you’re new to 252, or you’ve been around since the beginning, you’ll get your questions answered and learn how to make your ministry moments count.
Sign up at the Orange Conference website or through the new Orange Conference iPhone app.

Family Experience Showcase, Thursday 5:30-6:30
FX is the environment that started it all for Orange, and is still foundational to the Orange Strategy. Come see a demonstration of how the multimedia live production comes together in an explosion of laughs, memories, and incredible insights into God’s character.
Sign up at the Orange Conference website or through the new Orange Conference iPhone app. This showcase will also be broadcast live online so staff and volunteers back home can watch it. Sign up for the live feed here.

Elementary Network Gathering, Thursday 8:30-9:15
For the first time at Orange, we’re getting all the elementary ministers together for some fun and networking. There will be music, games, prizes, and a chance to get to know other elementary minsters who live near you. This is gonna be a great time that you won’t want to miss!