Amber Sky Records, a division of Orange, is a website where kids, parents and leaders can get downloadable music, videos, charts and much more—think an Orange iTunes store.

Now, with our new pay-as-you-go credit system, you can purchase credits one by one, with the amounts ranging from a purchase of 1 credit to 120 credits! Simply log on to the Amber Sky website (, create an account, and purchase credits. After purchasing credits, you can then download anything from Music Videos (5 credits) to Live Lyrics (12 credits) to Full Mix Songs (1 credit) to Performance Tracks (5 credits) and Charts (1 credit). The pay-as-you-go plan is perfect for families and smaller churches that only want to purchase a few items.

In addition to the pay-as-you-go option, an annual subscription is also available. This works great for church leaders. It includes 30 credits to download any music or videos, and also gives unlimited access to all of our Dance Move instruction videos and worship sets and scripts. Also with a subscription, you are able to create a personalized playlist for your church families so they can find the songs you are doing every Sunday and listen to them at home!

The songs and music videos provided on Amber Sky Records are strategically created to go hand in hand with the monthly 252 Basics and First Look curriculum. These songs are just another creative way to instill the Basic Truths taught through our curriculum into the lives of your kids.

Typically, Amber Sky comes out with a new 252 Basics elementary song and First Look preschool song every month, so be sure to keep coming back—and send parents to the site as well!