If you have a smart phone, you know how helpful it can be for keeping up with friends and family, ordering take-out and checking the weather. Many parents have found the value of using game apps to entertain bored kids, but did you know you can use your phone to become a better parent?
With the Parent Cue app, you can!
Orange released the Parent Cue app for parents of elementary-aged kids about a year ago and it’s gotten rave reviews. We’re currently developing an update that will offer more. Look for the following things in the updated Parent Cue App:

  • Added a weekly BedTime cue with a link to read that week’s Bible story.
  • Added a Cue Feed in the ParentTime “This Month” tab that allows parents to scroll through past cues and catch anything they missed.
  • Easier interface so that today’s Cue always opens on the app home page.

We will continue to make changes and additions over the next couple of weeks. Watch for the following things coming soon:

  • Content for parents of preschool-aged kids. Parents can choose to add the preschool content and receive Cues that directly line up with First Look curriculum.
  • “More Stuff” tabs that will offer more DriveTime videos, MealTime discussion guides, BedTime stories, and HangTime videos available for a monthly rate.

Plan to promote this new app in June as a great way for families to stay connected while they travel this summer. We’ll have promotion materials ready for you at the end of May.