You had an amazing number of babies at Baby Dedication last month and are thankful for so many young families in the church. You see the mommies in the hall on Sunday dropping off their cute little bundles, and you wave and say how are you. Aren’t those babies adorable? Aren’t those crawlers wonderful? Soon they’ll be walking and talking and their parents’ world will never be the same.

Are you helping to prepare those parents? Are you giving them the tools they need to strengthen their spiritual foundation? Are you helping those parents to imagine the end? Are you equipping them to build a spiritual foundation in their child?

The First Look curriculum provides a special Parent Cue, “Parent Time,” just for parents of babies and toddlers. It’s a monthly piece that you can send home in their diaper bags. It says to these new parents “We’re thinking of you. We know it’s hard. You can do it. God loves you and is with you.” And, it gives parents specific verses on which to ponder and pray. It gives them a tool to work on both their spiritual foundation and that of their child.

Parent Time allows you to touch the lives of your youngest attendees by impacting their families, by helping their parents to imagine what their babies will become, by enabling their parents to grow in their own faith.

Are you using Parent Time to connect with the youngest families in your environments?