For better or for worse, most parents only experience about 3 minutes of our elementary ministry environment. And those 3 minutes are not during the creative large group experience or the engaging small group time that we’ve worked so hard to develop. Those 3 minutes take place at drop-off and pick-up, exactly the times when logistics threaten to trump relationship. So how can we capture the chaos of pick-up to demonstrate our desire to partner with parents?

Gina McClain, Children’s Pastor at Faith Promise Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, shared three simple steps to help small group leaders connect with parents during pick-up. Here’s an excerpt from her LeadSmall blog:

Amidst the mini-whirlwind called ‘pick-up time’ where you’ve got to pass along their take-home paper, maybe check a security tag, or give a reward for great behavior, ensure your small group friends don’t leave their things behind, keep an eye on those that haven’t been picked up yet to ensure we don’t have another episode of Lord of the Flies… all while making sincere, intentional eye contact with the parent, smiling and telling them a little of what we learned today.  Simple, right?
Well… not exactly. And I know that.
The truth is, an SGL has a lot to juggle in that short but intense time during pick up. And I don’t want to ask anyone to do something that is simply impossible. Which is why I don’t think it’s all that impossible with the right things in place.
A few weeks ago I stepped in to lead a group of 2nd grade students. Their leader was out sick, and I was up to the plate. Though I’m a little rusty at the craziness of parent pick up, here are the 3 simple steps I took to create the opportunity to Cue the Parent.

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