Easter and Christmas! These two seasons of celebrations are also occasions where you probably have not only the highest attendance in your children’s ministry, but the highest percentage of visitors! These special celebrations give us a great opportunity to invite new families to keep coming back so you can partner with them all year long. With Easter just around the corner, now is the time to start planning!

Here are some ideas we’ve gathered to help you prepare:

  • Make sure their experience is great before they reach the preschool hall. Encourage helpful parking lot volunteers and create clear signage directing them which way to go.
  • If possible, recruit a few volunteers from your ministry to greet visitors with preschool-age children at the main doors to escort them to your check-in area.
  • Make sure your registration process for visitors is quick, but complete! Getting an email or mailing address is vital!
  • Easter is a fun day of celebration! You want your visiting preschooler to enjoy their time with you and their parents to feel safe about leaving them so they will want to come back. Make sure all your volunteers are prepared for this big day.
  • Higher attendance can mean longer check-out lines. Try to have volunteers in high traffic areas to talk to parents as they wait, asking about their experience that day. Engaging someone in conversation is a great way to take their mind off of a longer than anticipated wait!
  • Even if you plan to send a follow-up mailer, provide a fun information pack with ministry information for parents and something for their child to take home that day!
  • Ministry information should include website address, Facebook page, email contact information, Twitter account—any and all methods that families can connect with you and your ministry.
  • Use the visitor’s email address or mailing address or both to follow up within 48 hours! Send a postcard to your preschool visitor, and a short letter to their family, providing information about your amazing ministry.
  • Have something specific to invite them back to: a new series, a fun event, give them a reason to return!

Click here to access a website that has even more ideas!

What are some of your tried and true, or brand new plans for visitor follow-up this Easter?