Okay, before you read any further, this blog does not contain a five-sentence summation of what the Orange Strategy is.
Actually, it’s a challenge. For those of you that are already Orange thinkers and practitioners at your various places of worship, I want to see how you would explain the Orange Strategy if you had only five sentences to explain it to another minister who has never heard of Orange.
You only have five sentences and five sentences only. Run-on sentences will not be accepted.
The person who gives me the best five-sentence summation will receive an amazing gift. That’s right. A signed picture of myself.

Okay, that’s not true. That’s what the runner-up will get. The winner of this challenge will receive a free ticket to the 2012 Orange Conference.
Not bad, huh? Maybe you can use that ticket to bring the person you were trying to explain Orange to. Just a thought.
So, in all seriousness, how would you explain this “Orange thing” in five sentences?
Please include, in your entry (this will not count against your five sentences) your name, church or organization and the location of said church or organization, your position in that church or organization (i.e., volunteer, children’s minister, janitor, etc.)
Alright. You have your challenge. Go!
(NOTE: Entries will be accepted until March 2. There must be a minimum of 25 entries from at least 25 different churches before the prize can be awarded.)