One question I am frequently asked from First Look users is, “What is the best way to prep the activities?” I love that users ask this, because it means that they are thinking through the process and trying to determine the most effective way to get something done.

It can be effective for one person to buy all of the supplies and prep the activities himself, if the pre-school ministry has very few children. But once the numbers start to grow (and hopefully they will), prepping all the activities can be a daunting task for only one person to do.

As Orange Specialists, we talk with several preschool leaders across the country, and some of them have come up with some super creative and innovative ways to get all the activities ready to go for Sunday morning.

  • One leader started a “Friends Ministry”. She invites moms who attend the church who want to help out and meet other moms, up to the church on Tuesdays during lunch to help prepare the activities. The church provides a small lunch for the ladies, and the ladies in turn, get to know other moms and prepare the crafts for Sunday morning.
  • Another leader organizes all of the activities in separate plastic bins. She includes the directions for how to prep the craft or activity and the supplies needed. She then has volunteers come up to the church a week in advance and check out a bin. The volunteers bring the prepared crafts back to the church the next week.
  • A third preschool leader along with his student pastor from his church wanted to give their students other opportunities to serve. He has sign-ups for middle and high schoolers to come up to the church about an hour earlier before their Wednesday night program starts to help organize and put together the activities. The older high schoolers actually get community service points for their school.

The point is, organizing the activities doesn’t have to be boring. Be creative in how you get the job done!

Do you have a fun, creative, or highly effective way your church gathers supplies or preps the activities for First Look?