Just a few weeks ago, some really smart leaders flew in from National Community Church in DC, serving under Mark Batterson, to meet with us.
We sat and ate and talked for a whirlwind 24 hours– thinking of features that would make our existing 252 products even more flexible with additional capabilities.  We captured possible issues and new ideas on a creative board.  And our lead Orange Specialist shared how these themes related to what she’s hearing from churches all over the country, working on the frontlines with kids and families every week.
One of our main breakthrough thoughts was that there might be room to add something new between the Wonder video in First Look and the Feature Presentation video in 252.  Are we sometimes assuming that kids know more than they do?  For it to really connect, kids need to be familiar with the Bible story so that the jokes and context clues make more sense.
Reggie summarized the problem in just one sentence, “They have no history.”
That stuck in all our minds.  It’s our job to help them make connections- to start at the center and look for ways to extend the learning from there.  People have been trying to describe how we learn for centuries.  My favorite way to picture it is with classic Tinker toys.  You can’t build anything without that wooden hub in the middle.  Like the wooden sticks you connect to it, kids naturally build on to what they hear and experience, constructing knowledge and understanding as they go.
So we’re really excited to announce a new component to our already popular  Feature Presentation.  We’re adding both an audio and video version of just the core Bible Story each week– told simply, but with enough humor, dialogue and animation to capture the imagination of all the kids in your ministry—from kindergarten through fifth grade and beyond.  You can choose which option works best in your world based on your style, culture and demographic– or you can use them both since they build on each other!  Coming soon… September 2011.