Our writers do a wonderful job creating interactive activities each month. Great care is taken to make sure each activity is age and developmentally appropriate.

It is then your job, as the leader of your preschool environment, to make the tough decision: Do you try to rush through the entire curriculum so you can put a check mark by each item? Or, do you take time to look at each activity carefully and choose the ones that are best for your environment?

At the core of the Orange Strategy are some goals to consider as we ponder this decision. We want each child to experience something they will never forget. We want to connect with them on a relational level. And, we want to change how they see their world and their future. It is important to keep these objectives in mind as we approach our activities decision.

Knowing your children, your teachers and your environment is essential. Choose the activities that allow you to interact with your preschoolers in a relaxed way—have fun! Choose the activities that work best in your environment, and also choose the activities that may require extra effort, but will have great impact in the eyes of a preschooler—get messy!

By following these guidelines and getting down on their level, we can capture their little attention spans and accomplish our goals. We can show them the love of their heavenly Father each week (give hugs) and make an impact on their spiritual lives!

What types of activities do you hesitate to try? Are you missing out on great teaching moments and just plain fun?